Ep030: Michelle Ciavola

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast.

Today, we have a really great episode for you. I talked with Michelle Ciavola who has, what for a lot of people might be a dream job. She is the Marketing Director for a thriving and growing dental practice just outside of Atlanta.

She has some great things going on and we talked about a broad range of ‘evil schemes’ on this episode. We got to look at overlaying the 8-Profit Activators, the before, during and after unit, with the metrics she tracks driving each of those units. There's so much opportunity when you have something already in motion, something that's working. When you add a nice after unit to draw from, the opportunities multiply even further.

It all starts with knowledge.

When you overlay metrics on top of what you're already doing, the opportunities to accelerate your business, no matter what your business is, are universally present in the 8-Profit Activators. They're there whether you're acknowledging, or measuring, or tracking already and overlaying them on what happened in the last 12 months can direct you in the future.

I think you're really going to enjoy this episode.  There is something for everyone as we cover it all, before unit strategies, during unit strategies, and after unit strategies.

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Ep029: Aaron Hinde

Hello and welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast. My name is Dean Jackson, and today I'm talking to Aaron Hinde. He has built a pretty amazing company.

I often talk about the idea of profit activator one, selecting a single target market, and one of the examples I talk about in the BreakthroughDNA book is a company that does bottle photography at a website called weshootbottles.com. They also have a sister website where they shoot cans, called weshootcans.com. I always thought it’s an interesting way to segment your market and Aaron and his company have done exactly that. They’ve taken the beverage category and created specialize beverages.

They started with a drink called GolfAid and now have FitAid, PartyAid. In fact whatever your beverage need for ‘aid’ is, they've got a specific drink for you and have built a really big organization doing it.

I remember when Arron was just getting started and had all these opportunities. After talking with some of us at a 25K meeting, his first job was to focus on one of the beverages, to go all the way and build the foundation of one strong product line. From that, they've been able to expand across multiple single target markets.  Remember, it’s ‘Select ONE target market (at a time)’. 

We had a great conversation, a great time to catch up and hatch new evil schemes for them. There is nothing but big things happening in their beverage world.

I’ve you’ve ever been concerned about narrowing your focus, I think you'll really enjoy this episode.

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Ep028: Brian Mertins

Welcome to another episode of the More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast. My name's Dean Jackson and this is a very exciting episode. I think you're in for a treat as you listen in as I talk with Brian Mertins.

Brian has a very unique set of skills that I'd never heard of before. He has several products in the nature market including How to Read the Secrets of a Forest and Awaken Your Naturalist Intelligence and Bird Language Blueprint. Both products he developed to help people tune in to nature and started from a passion about bird language and what we can understand from bird calls.

We spent a great amount of time honing in on who his actual audience is, the people he's really speaking with. We then crafted an email to send to his audience live on the show. Live while we were on the call having the conversation.

I think you're really going to enjoy this exploration of target audiences, their passions, what drives people and their motivators. Especially the ending where we send a live message to his audience with a very specific offer.

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EP027: Mark Gray

Welcome back to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast. My name is Dean Jackson and today we're going to be talking with Mark Gray.

Mark is one of the Double Vision Fitness twins who own five personal training gyms outside of London in the UK. They have impressed me over the four years I've known them by being disciplined executors. They have conscientiously applied the Breakthrough Blueprint principles, and the 8-Profit Activators as an operating system.

We had a really great, in depth conversation about each of the Profit Activators and dove deep into some of the metrics that help identify where the opportunities are. It's really interesting to me that they started out with a very narrow target market but as their experience and capabilities have developed, they are appealing to a much broader target audience.

You'll see how we bring that around here in the conversation as we look at the opportunity to just get people started, coming into the gym.  The opportunity to get people coming in and starting a trial where they can get all set-up, get themselves assessed, get on a workout plan and then continue on in perpetuity.

They've got really great retention once people get going, so we spent a lot of time brainstorming how to get more people to take that first step.

You can imagine that my recommendation was more cheese, less whiskers!

I think you're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep026: Dave DePula

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast. My name is Dean Jackson and today I'm talking with Dave DePula.

We first met over 20 years ago now in Boston, at a ‘main event’, a real estate conference I did for many, many years. He now has a new golf product that makes it easy for people who are frustrated with their golf swing to really let go of all of the mechanics and the drudgery in learning a new mechanical golf swing and helps them get the natural sensation of what it really is to just naturally have a swing they don't even think about.

He has something that creates a result for people and we spent the first part of the call defining exactly what that result is, defining who he is able to get this result for, and then we really talked about how to create what I call the scale ready algorithm to connect all the dots in the before unit and get to a point where he's able to get in front of his ideal target audience, compel them to raise their hand, educate, and motivate them before making an offer that compels or convinces them that this is the thing to help them.

We had a great conversation. There is a lot of psychology in this episode that's applicable to any business launching or promoting something into a marketplace.

I think you're really going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep025: Idan Waller

Today, we’re going to be talking with Idan Waller the top direct response copywriter in Israel. We had a great conversation. There is quite a budding community of internet marketers coming out of Israel right now and Idan's goal is to be the number one provider of online training for people who want to get into internet marketing and online businesses. He's made a great strides towards that. He has a nice course he created that’s helped people get incredible results and lead to a successful launch. But the question that he had was how can he take that success from a launch and go away from the stress of doing a launch model and into something that’s more of an evergreen model?

We talked about how to get the same benefit of the scarcity of a launch model but do it in a way that he can recreate every single month.

I think you'll find we had a really rich and deep conversation about the philosophy and the way to approach his goal of becoming the leading place for online education around internet marketing in Israel.

I really enjoyed this conversation. I hope you do too.

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Ep024: Andrew Hazelton

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast. Today, we're going to be speaking with Andrew Hazelton from Demand.Film.

This is a fascinating conversation with Andrew who's spent a lot of time building a method and a way of distributing films for independent filmmakers by hosting and finding people to host screenings that make it zero risk for a filmmaker to get their film out.

We spent a lot of time talking about the logistics of how this works and the capability it creates which spurred a whole conversation about how this capability could be a completely enhanced business model. If you have a message to get out to people, this could be the perfect distribution method.

It's fascinating to learn about different businesses and how different industries work. You can hear my understanding develop in the beginning and as the conversation went on my mind started turning with the potential here? How could we think outside the box and use this capability, not just to sell $10 movie tickets, but to gather an audience that would be ready to buy more expensive things or engage further? At the very end, we developed a completely different thought that could enhance the opportunity in a big way so lots of exciting things came out of this.

This will be a mind-expanding episode more than a specific ‘apply this strategy’ episode, but to hear the way to think about things like this, about historical examples like the way Procter & Gamble would create content to gather an audience, it simulates some really great thoughts.

I think you're going to enjoy this episode. I really had a great time exploring all these.

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Ep023: Malton Schexneider

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, my name is Dean Jackson, and today I have a guest, Malton Schexneider. Malton is in Louisville, Kentucky, and he and a Doctor there have been having tremendous success helping people with chronic back and knee pain and he has some great, great opportunities in his business.

We spent the entire hour talking and we touched on every single profit activator. He already has a winning system that will turn people who are invisible, remember back pain candidates are people that are invisible prospect that we talk about, he has a system that will get them to come to a workshop, bring them into his office, sign them up as patients for treatment and get tremendous success. 

We talked about how to multiply the results he's getting in his before unit, and I think you're really going to enjoy and get a lot out of this episode. Especially, if you're dealing with a prospect who is invisible.


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Ep022: Chad Lowe

Today we're talking with Chad Lowe. Chad is a tax specialist helping companies that do R&D get tax credits from the federal government. This money that's available to them, but in most cases, they probably don't even know about it.

Listen in as we discuss how to bridge the gap from someone being entitled to something they don't know exists, how to get them to raise their hand so they are engaged in a conversation about it, and then how to present the cookies that will move them into having Chad help them get this money they're entitled to.

All in a way that doesn't convince people in the beginning but compels them to raise their hand so we can conversationally work them through the idea of taking action to get something that they want.

There are lots of applications here. If you're in a situation where there's something you can help someone do where if we take just one step back and only talk about the cheese, the benefit, without talking about the mechanics or the logistics, you'll find it's much easier to get people to raise their hands.

We have some really great evil schemes in this episode, I think you're going to enjoy it.

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Ep021: Lane 'Dawg' Bowers

This week I have my good friend Lane Bowers, who lives here in Winter Haven, Florida. We always have the greatest fun. He's got a super business. He's one of the top barefoot water ski instructors in the world, and he has a ski school here in Winter Haven. He also has all kinds of boating and barefooting equipment for his site, TheFootersEdge.com. We've had so much fun over the years and if you remember, we had a campaign selling Lane's instructional DVD that was a little bit outside of the box.

We're going to talk a little bit about that, go down memory lane, but the purpose of today is to hatch an evil scheme for a Christmas promotion that I've had for years. We've used it once before, but I want to get this out into your hands before Christmas, so that if you have a local business or a business that you have something that someone might be able to give or receive for Christmas, I think you're really going to enjoy this episode.

I'd love to hear from you, because I'd love to see all the different ways that we can implement this strategy. If you have a business that this would fit for, or you'd like to brainstorm a promotion like this, send me an e-mail to Dean@DeanJackson.com, and put "Christmas" in the subject line. It would be great to get a lot of different people trying something like this idea for this Christmas season.

Enjoy this episode, and then let me know if you'd like to do something like this for your business.

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