Ep109: Matt Mueller

On the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast today, we're talking with Matt Mueller from Bergen County, New Jersey, and Matt works with a franchise operation called School of Rock, a music-based after school program for kids.

I love the concept, and Matt is an enthusiastic student of marketing and wants to really do the best thing for their operation to grow, expand, and to get new students.

Their real goal is to get to 200 people who are recurring monthly members of the School of Rock program and will stay forever, and what we found in talking about it, is this is a business that's very 'After Unit' oriented. So we talked about some bootstrap marketing opportunities, including offering a way for the existing students to refer new students, before talking about some longevity ideas and how to really expand their offerings.

If you have a business that's very 'After Unit' oriented, sometimes the best way to continue to grow is to really tap into the existing people you have, to make and create a culture of referrals so it grows organically.

Often people are interested in 'how do we go out and create a Before Unit strategy' here, but sometimes an After Unit strategy is the way to go.


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