Ep121: Tony Berenyi

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Tony Berenyi. Now I hit it off with Tony the moment I met him. He's sat right beside me during Dan Sullivan's Game Changer program, and from the moment he sat down, I liked Tony a lot.

He's a guy who's completely dedicated to personal development. He's been in Tony Robbins' platinum program as well as Coach, and he's just a wonderful guy with a real spirit and heart for service.

I've got to know him over the last several months. He came to one of my Breakthrough Blueprint events, we helped him with a book that he's written, and it's been really a great thing to see how an engineer by trade, a guy who has built a business delivering big, big projects, I'm talking hundreds of millions of dollars projects building steel plants, takes this Four Seasons approach to everything he does.

He's at a point now where he wants to be able to contribute at that level and really help some of the younger people coming up so they can get their lives and ambition together and really mentor and guide them on their way to success.

This was a great call as we talked a lot about how to make that transition and I think you're going to get a lot from the ideas we had.

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