Ep079: Joey Atlas

Today we're talking with Joey Atlas. Joey’s name has the perfect sound for what Joey does. He’s a wonderful fitness professional who’s figured out a really great way to get people results in a way that is fun and proprietary.

He's developed a machine that he calls the Sculptabod system and it's really pretty fascinating. We'll hear a lot of the story behind how it all came about.

We started out thinking about what's the best way to amplify his message, and we ended up with a really nice way for him to focus and scale in a very highly impactful way, working on creating the scale ready algorithm.

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Ep078: Ari Meisel

Oh boy. This is Dean Jackson, reporting live after a very special call with Ari Meisel. We recorded a More Cheese, Less Whiskers episode that’s going to blow your doors off.

We hatched a real wonderful scheme for our year. You may know Ari Meisel as the author of The Art of Less Doing. He's been a good friend and I completely resonate with everything he talks about. We had a great chance to have a conversation about the number one thing he could do to grow his business in the next year.

I think you're really going to enjoy this one.

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Ep077: Randy Redinger

Welcome to the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast.

If you've ever thought you’d like to take the lessons and experience you've learned in growing your successful business and helping other people grow theirs, then you're going to enjoy this episode.

We're talking today with Randy Redinger from South Dakota, and Randy has a desire to help plumbing contractors build a successful business by helping them avoid the pitfalls that he knows how to help them avoid by setting up the operational systems as well as the marketing systems that we’re talking about today.

This all fits into a category that’s one of my favorite things… syndication.

Essentially what you're doing is taking a proven model, when you've figured something out for a business and then shortcutting the process for them. It’s almost like a franchise prototype, by creating an operating manual for them to follow, a roadmap to get a result.

Randy's at the very, very early stages of setting this up, so we had a conversation about how to think about it, the baby steps to set this up. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation if this is something you've ever thought about.

And why wouldn't it be something you think about? If you've got a successful business and there are other people in the same business as you, it's a great idea. Nobody is ever going to appoint you to the position of leader in your field, but guess what? Nobody's going to stop you from taking that position either!

Come into this one with a sense of possibility, and I think you might enjoy what we're going to talk about.

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Ep076: Kelly Krueger

Welcome to the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast. Today we're talking with Kelly Krueger. Kelly has a really cool new website she's created called IngeniousBaby.com where she has a really great idea of helping parents of newborn to three year olds really maximize the development of their child in that critical period.

We talked a lot about the outcomes that someone would get if they went down the right path with their baby, and what's the worst outcome that could happen, to establish where we want to help parents go, and what are the opportunity and pitfalls.

As a new business, she was very curious to how monetize this new community and what model to use, so we explored some of the different options, how to build a great foundation, and who might be interested in sponsoring or having access to this community.

It’s a great episode for anyone starting to think about this challenge.

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Ep075: Dino Dondiego

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast. Today, we’ve got a great episode I’m excited to share with you. Today I’m talking with Dino Dondiego, from New Jersey. Dino has created, invented a process that can help millions of people with thinning hair.

It’s a unique, nonsurgical process and the most effective way to get thicker hair that’s completely natural. It’s called InvisaBlend.

He’s at the point now where he’s starting to spread this idea through a network of people who are affiliates of his program and do the actual installation of his process. We talked a lot about the different options he has to scale this, and you’ll be surprised at the direction it ends up taking.

This is a little bit longer episode, but I found it really fascinating. Plus, somewhere in the middle here, you get to hear about my movie idea, the world premiere of my movie Idea that I've never shared with anyone publicly. That’s a little Easter egg within the episode for you!

Listen in. You're going to enjoy it.

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Ep074: Henry Reith

Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast and today we're speaking with Henry Reith who’s with Simply Headsets in Australia.

They're the number one headset provider in Australia and have a great business. They've been in business for almost 12 years and as we started talking about it, we uncovered all the things they're doing really well.

They've got a great e-commerce site, they convert a lot of their visitors, they've got a lot of customers. So we talked about the opportunities of converting more leads and some before unit strategies to increase the number of people they can engage with who come to their site.

We also looked at the big opportunity of what to do with their after unit. They've got thousands and thousands of customers and we talked about some predictive ways to generate more business from previous customers.

We had a really great conversation you're going to enjoy.

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Ep073: Greg Harrington

Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast. Today we have a great conversation with Greg Harrington. Greg is an app developer who has unlimited opportunities and wonderful capabilities.

We started the conversation by talking about where his business developing custom apps for people that maybe take three or four months to complete, has come from, and the capacity he has for that type of project.

We then really got to the conversation about what the big opportunity is for Greg, and to think about the highest possible outcome for the skills, abilities and asset he has (his time and knowledge).

We talked about my freedom matrix for evaluating opportunities, and we spent the whole conversation really honing in on how to evaluate and figure out what are the best opportunities.

I think if you're in a situation like this where you have lots of capabilities and opportunities coming your way, then this will be valuable to help you put some sharp thinking around what would be the very best use of those capabilities going forward.

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Ep072: Victor Thomas

Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast and today we're talking with Victor Thomas.

Victor owns a web development firm in San Francisco. They have lots of great capabilities and have built a nice business helping other businesses with their online presence.

If you're providing a service that’s project based, where you're doing work one time and getting paid one time, there's always the opportunity to think about how can you deploy those opportunities, those resources in a way that will yield recurring revenue.

We had a really great conversation about leveraging his effort, about selecting target markets that you can scale and which direction Victor could potentially go in.

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Ep071: Shane Melanson

Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast. Today we're talking with Shane Melanson, a commercial real estate agent from Calgary, Albert, Canada.

Shane and I went through a little process here today to hone in on his specific target audience and outlined a whole plan to position him as the ‘mayor’ of that category in Calgary.

You're really going to enjoy this episode. I always love to talk about real estate, and there are so many parallels between the commercial side of real estate and all the residential things we have going on. You’ll see that happen here as we make those comparisons and end up with a really good action plan that Shane will be able to put into place.

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Ep070: Noah Rosenfarb & Aaron Lee

Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers Podcast and boy, have we got a podcast for you today!

I'm talking with Noah Rosenfarb and Aaron Lee who run a company that helps franchisors and franchisees with their local digital marketing. These guys are phenomenal. I love the approach they have in putting so much thought into the things they're doing, and of course, my favorite things too, hatching evil schemes and franchising. You know, the ultimate level of syndication, is a franchise.

This conversation went by so fast, but there are so many great lessons in this, episode especially if you're in a business that helps other businesses succeed.

If you want to join me in December to hatch some evil schemes for your business, just email me dean@deanjackson.com and put 'Orlando' in the subject and I'll get you all the details.

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