Ep070: Noah Rosenfarb & Aaron Lee

Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers Podcast and boy, have we got a podcast for you today!

I'm talking with Noah Rosenfarb and Aaron Lee who run a company that helps franchisors and franchisees with their local digital marketing. These guys are phenomenal. I love the approach they have in putting so much thought into the things they're doing, and of course, my favorite things too, hatching evil schemes and franchising. You know, the ultimate level of syndication, is a franchise.

This conversation went by so fast, but there are so many great lessons in this, episode especially if you're in a business that helps other businesses succeed.

If you want to join me in December to hatch some evil schemes for your business, just email me dean@deanjackson.com and put 'Orlando' in the subject and I'll get you all the details.

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Ep069: Justin Brooke

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast. Today we have an exciting episode with Justin Brooke. Justin is a monster in the online media and ad buying world. He has a wonderful training program at AdSkills.com where he trains people in not just Facebook ads, but buying all kinds of media ads. Everything from getting leads, to making initial sales, he's the guy.

We had a really great conversation about, what does he do with that now? Where does it go? What's the biggest opportunity? We focused on the wonderful opportunity of not just sharing the skills of how to do something, or teaching people how to do something, but really leveling up and talking about the result. How can we package a result rather than just the knowledge to getting that result?

We had a really great discussion, and it's interesting that Justin shared in the conversation, he was thinking along that same line that very day. We had a lot of fun hatching some evil schemes here, and you're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep068: Ken Ingraham

Welcome to another episode of the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast where today we're talking with Ken Ingraham.

I just spent three days with Ken in Orlando at the Breakthrough Blueprint event in Celebration where we talked about his Spanish immersion program that works for, well, all kinds of different people.

You're going to hear as we talk, how we narrowed down to a specific target audience and then hatch an ‘evil scheme’ to get in front of that group in just the right way. There's a lot in this episode as we go deep through the process of narrowing your focus to a single target market and really thinking about how you can dominate that market. When we do the math on this, it all becomes really exciting.

Then, we talked about the mechanism of how we're going to make this happen, how to really focus on this target audience so that we can get in front of as many of the right people as we can and by the end, we’ve hatched a fully thought out ‘evil scheme’.

You're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep067: Yassin Shaar

Today, we're talking with Yassin Shaar. Yassin is a real estate mogul. A real estate impresario who's taking over the rent-to-own world with a very focused market and we spent a lot of our time talking about how to position Yassin as a market maker.

We talked about a concept where the mechanics are that we’re looking at being a market maker and the specifics are that he's looking for people who have homes they would like to sell.

We know there are people who want to buy homes, rent to own but they can't afford a down payment for whatever reason right now. Then we have investors who would like to buy homes with a presale that people would like to ultimately own.

That triangulation as a market-making is where the opportunity lies.

Listen in, and you'll see how the idea unfolds, and keep in mind, this concept can apply to so many things where there's an opportunity for you to be a market maker.

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Ep066: Steve Sims

Today, we have a special treat. We have my good friend, Steve Sims. Steve, you may know, is the head of the Bluefish organization, a high end concierge service that can help you do anything you can imagine like getting people married at the Vatican or having dinner at the feet of David with Andrea Bocelli entertaining. Anything you can imagine, Steve can actually make happen.

I had the great experience of going to a taping of The Voice, the TV show, with Frank Kern. I got a signed guitar from Maroon 5 for Frank when we were doing an event together, and Steve's the one that made that happen. I’ve really enjoyed and have been the beneficiary of some great times because of my relationship with Steve.

Now, he has a new book coming out called Bluefishing, and we started our conversation by talking about some of the things he went through in writing the book and some of the things he's doing to launch the book.

We hit on the big idea, the evil scheme, the thing we can wrap the whole thing around. I'm pretty excited about it and I think it's going to evolve into something big.

I'll let you enjoy this episode and hear the hatching of an evil scheme live.

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Ep065: Jamie Larsen

Today we're talking with Jamie Larson from Burnaby, British Columbia. Jamie’s an audiologist and he works with people who need hearing aids and helps them get the right information to make the right choice.

He's written a book and we talked about how he uses that book as a lead generator. It’s been working great and we brainstormed some ways to make his advertising, his initial offer in Profit Activator 2, more compelling versus convincing, as well as talking about some referral strategies.

We had a great conversation. He's got a great action plan, and you'll get a lot out of hearing us pull together the next steps in this plan.

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Ep064: Burke Jones

Today, we're talking with Burke Jones. Burke has a brand new company helping people have greener lawns and get rid of all their weeds in some of the nice neighborhoods of Kansas. He started with some door hangers that offered a discounted price and he’s had some success already, starting to build a base of customers.

We spent this whole conversation talking about taking advantage of the structure of a business with recurring revenue. The value he has is a business that every six weeks he's going to come out, do a treatment, and that will happen year after year after year.

It's very back end, very after unit loaded. He's building his business up to where he'll have people in the after unit that are just recurring year after year after year, but, you have to start with the before unit, you have to start with where you are.

We talked about the possibility of offering a free treatment at the end of the season as opposed to at the beginning of next season, when everybody else will be lined up, competing, trying to get new clients.

Burke's very excited about the possibility and understood the logic, because we talked all the way through the investment model and the ROI on the greatest asset he has, access to his treatments at cost.

For any recurring business where there is long term value in each client, being able to use this asset and treat the work you do to get clients as an investment rather than a cost is great way to look the return.

We had a great conversation, I've had a lot of experience in this kind of a business and you’ll get a lot out of this episode.

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Ep063: Giovanni Marsico

Welcome to this week’s episode of the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Toronto and attended an amazing event called the Archangels Summit. The gentlemen that puts it on every year is Giovanni Marsico. I’ve been able to spend a little time with Giovanni and gotten to know him, and the mission they have for the event. 

It was held in the Sony Center in Toronto, which has capacity of 3,000 people. He had over 2,500 people in the room. It had a fantastic vibe and energy to it. The year before, he had 1,500, so he's almost doubled the size. He has some amazing speakers. This year, Simon Sinek, Damon John and Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Last year, Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin. This year, he had Akon do a performance which had everybody on their feet. I was watching this thinking, "The energy of this is just so incredible, he really puts on an amazing show."

What he's essentially doing is creating a community of people who are taking moonshots, who are building tribes and communities that he calls superheroes.

I had a wonderful idea while I was at the event that I shared with him a few days later when we had breakfast, just to see if he was interested in the idea.

He was, and we decided that rather than discuss it further then, we’d explore the depth of the idea here on this podcast.

I can't wait for you to hear it.

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Ep062: Hal Cranmer

Welcome to the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast.  Today, we're talking with Hal Cranmer from Phoenix, Arizona. Hal owns five boutique assisted living homes with just 10 rooms in each.

We started out the conversation getting a sense of how that business works, how he finds people, and then talk about how we can differentiate what he has to identify people who are looking for that particular type of facility.

The ‘smaller boutique’ is actually a word that we came up with on the podcast here. You'll see how we talk about using market data to compel people to raise their hand, and separating his before unit from his during unit.

He was very excited by the end of the call and I think we have a real viable plan here. I can't wait to see him put it into action.

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Ep061: Victor Pacini

Today, we're talking with Victor Pacini. I've known Victor for several years and we've been working together on his program that helps schools fulfill the Erin's Law mandate. A law that mandates schools educate their students about sexual abuse. Victor has an amazing story, and an amazing program that provides a solution for schools fulfilling that requirement.

Over the years he's perfected the way he delivers his presentation. He's written a book that helps schools understand their responsibilities and introduces them to his services, delivering presentations for them. It's been a great journey to see happen, and one that's been really successful for Victor in that he's completely booked across all of his programs.

What we're talking about in this episode is specifically the opportunity he now has to expand beyond just ‘Victor’ and use the book and the system he's created, to keep himself fully booked and then help others to expand this opportunity and really help fulfill the Erin's Law mandate all over the country.

This is a great story of starting out with one guy, with one presentation, with one opportunity to get in front of schools and to fully systemize that opportunity so he's fully booked and now looking to expand beyond just himself to deliver the presentations.

You're going to really enjoy this episode.

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