Ep093: Ben Dykstra

Dialing in your target market is one of the first things we talk about, but having done that, there is further opportunity to be found in thinking about your customers experience, and creating custom solutions for those groups.

Today on the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast we're talking with Ben Dykstra from Seattle, and would you believe it, he is a woodworker.

I mean what are the odds that last week's episode we were talking with someone who has written the book called The Six Figure Woodworker, and then the very next episode we have someone who actually is a woodworker from Seattle.

We had a really great conversation. Ben specializes in building bunk beds and we spent an hour having one of the most creative conversations I think we've ever had on More Cheese, Less Whiskers.

We talked all about not only some ways to immediately improve the results he's getting marketing his existing bunk bed business, but some really creative ways that open up new higher end market opportunities for him within the bunk bed market. Especially taking in to consideration where he is in Seattle and his market there.

You're really going to enjoy this one. There are a lot of ideas here.

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Ep092: Thomas Arrigo

Today on the MoreCheeseLessWhisker.com podcast we're talking with Thomas Arrigo and Thomas has one of the best book titles for a lead generator, The Six Figure Woodworker.

It was the title we came up with together on a book title brainstorming call we did for our 90-Minute Books service, and today we talked about the whole process of using a book like that as the beginning of a relationship.

We spoke about selecting an audience; people who are aspiring full-time woodworkers or people who want to make more money with their woodworking, then how to build a community, and how he can lead into an academy type situation where he's able to help people set up their six figure woodworking business. We ended by talking about the end game, and the millionaire woodworker…

You can see how this is all about speaking to the right person. You just need to say the words Six Figure Woodworker and people are crystal clear on what it's about and what they will get from it.

There’s a lot in this show and we covered all the bases of the before unit including the role of a podcast and getting the context right. We had a really great conversation & you’re going to get a lot from it.

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Ep091: Paul Bowman

Today on the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast, we're talking with Paul Bowman, who lives not far from me, right here in Winter Haven. We actually kind of serendipitously met at our local Starbucks and struck up a conversation.

He runs some fitness boot camp’s here in Winter Haven. We talked about what he was doing to fill his boot camps and he laughed when I asked if he was on the ‘transformation crack’.

I wanted to help him break the habit, so we jumped on today’s call.

He's been working on some alternatives over the last few months and we got a chance today to talk about the most compelling, easiest way for him to fill out his roster. He's got space for 150 recurring members in his facility and he's at 83 right now. We talked about the fastest possible way, with the least friction to fill up those remaining 70 spots.

You're going to like the conversation and what it led to.

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Ep090: Jill Harrington

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Jill Harrington from just outside of Williamsburg, Virginia.

Several years ago, she wrote a book called The Lupus Recovery Diet. It was very successful, and she's helped lots of people. Her passion is really spreading the word and helping people adopt a whole food, plant-based diet nutrition program.

We had a really great conversation about the target audience of people who need and want to reverse heart disease. She has a great program that can help people, so my question was, "What would you do? What's the result you can get for people?"

We had a whole conversation around it not being just about the information, but about the execution, and the implementation of that information. Then, rather than looking to reach everyone, we narrowed the focus to her local area, and you'll see how the conversation unfolded to think about a pilot project to prototype, before duplicating her programs all over the country.

You're going to enjoy this episode, especially if you have something that could be packaged as a program to get a result, delivered in a localized market.

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Ep089: Kirby Virden

Joining the conversation your customers are having, before they start having it with all your competitors, is a great way to ‘be there for them’, before they even know they need you…

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast we're talking with Kirby Virden who owns a sign company that helps businesses with their outdoor signage.

We had a really great conversation, talking about the mistakes people make with their signs, what works, what doesn't, and really looking at what’s the purpose of signage. When you think about it, if you're focused on the outcome, the job of work you want that sign to do, it's a different kind of thinking than just putting your logo and your company name up there.

He has a great knowledge of the business and hatched some great plans, talking about how to find people who are thinking about getting signs, earlier in their thinking… before they ever get to the point of submitting requests for proposals from every sign company in town. How can we find those people earlier?

There’s a lot of opportunity if you head further upstream than others are fishing…

You're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep088: Geoff Edie

If you're already successfully converting leads, then the very best thing you can do is find a way to introduce more people to that process, and separate the identifying from the converting.

Today on the More Cheese, Less Whiskers Podcast we're talking with Geoff Edie from Toronto.

Geoff's company is involved in many different ways of helping Canadian’s maximize their wealth. Tax savings, investments, retirement accounts, a strategy they have for freeing up people’s RRSP.

We had a really great conversation about the front end of his business and how to get the conversation started. They've got a great model in place, inviting people to workshops followed by a ‘big summit’ where a lot of people end up becoming clients, so we talked about the best way to streamline the front end and get into conversations with as many people as we can.

Guess what my recommendation was…

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Ep087: Dr. Phil Yoo

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we had a great conversation with Dr. Phillip Yoo. Phil is in California and he helps people with knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, spine stenosis, a whole list of conditions they're able to relieve with stem cell therapy.

It reminded me of the episode we did with Malton Schexneider, back in Ep023… Both had the same model of using ads to invite people to a workshop and then educating people about the process. From the workshop, people will come to the office, get evaluated and then choose to do some 'laser guided' stem cell therapy.

We talked about the importance of identifying your ideal prospects and turning invisible prospects visible by using a book instead of using the workshop as the way of first getting in touch with them.

This is a great episode and really reinforces what we talked about with Malton.

I think you'll enjoy it, especially if you're using workshops as a lead generation source.

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Ep086: Tom Casey

Today we're talking with Tom Casey. Tom owns a home services organization, three separate companies in Connecticut, South Carolina, and Florida, all revolving around home services, HVAC, and all the things that go into making a home comfortable.

One of the things this conversation really took on was how do you get into a relationship with people, to be 'their guy' before you've ever had an opportunity to do business with them?

Especially in an industry where it's an emergency that brings them to you.

Nobody's excited about taking preemptive action to get a new air conditioner or a heating system in advance of needing it, and everyone else is going around screaming, trying to be the one they call right now.

We talked about taking a longer term approach and filling your 'before unit' by adopting people as if they were in your 'after unit'.

It's a great way to think about digging a well before you need it and establishing yourself as 'their guy' before they need you.

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Ep085: Ben Byrne

Today we're talking with Ben Byrne from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A fellow Canadian.

He's got some really great ideas. He's an enthusiastic copywriter who's looking to break into the market of helping financial advisors with their marketing.

We talked a lot about 'scale-ready algorithms', syndication, and the baby-steps in the process of helping and finding those people who want to, need to or are looking for help with their finances.

We talked a lot about some of the different strategies he could apply to crack that code which is where the real opportunity comes from. Being able to solve the problem once, and duplicate those results, breaks you away from reinventing the wheel each time.

There is a lot here and you're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep084: Dave DePula - Revisited

Today on the show we're talking with Dave DePula. Dave is a second-time guest on More Cheese, Less Whiskers. You may remember we spoke back on episode 26 about the golf training method he had developed.

On that show, and in our Email Mastery program, we figured out a really great way to get people to come to his website and leave their name and email address by asking for his 21 Days to Golfing Freedom book. We then created an engaging dialog method to engage those people and offer the program he created to help them improve their golf game.

Well, fast forward over a year now, and he has a new method that's even better than the previous one, so now he’s wondering… how does he make that transition?

This is a great conversation talking about the results he had, and about how and what exactly we need to change about the approach he's taking now.

I think you might be surprised.

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