Ep039: Kyle LeMarie

Today, we have a really great conversation with Kyle LeMarie. Kyle is here in Orlando, not too far from me, and he's making some wild innovations in the independent musician space.

He's really cracking the code, helping independent artists taking matters into their own hands, taking it back some of the power that big corporations have had in control of the music industry and making it easy and kind of forging a path for independent musicians to get their voice heard, to build their audience and to really apply the 8-Profit Activators to the independent musician.

He has a lot of great things that are going on and it was surprising to hear just how thoughtful he's been in applying the 8-Profit Activators to independent musicians and the success they've had.

This is a great conversation about the mechanisms that are easily deployed to build an audience and how to progress people through all stages of the Profit Activator stages.

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