Ep062: Hal Cranmer

Welcome to the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast.  Today, we're talking with Hal Cranmer from Phoenix, Arizona. Hal owns five boutique assisted living homes with just 10 rooms in each.

We started out the conversation getting a sense of how that business works, how he finds people, and then talk about how we can differentiate what he has to identify people who are looking for that particular type of facility.

The ‘smaller boutique’ is actually a word that we came up with on the podcast here. You'll see how we talk about using market data to compel people to raise their hand, and separating his before unit from his during unit.

He was very excited by the end of the call and I think we have a real viable plan here. I can't wait to see him put it into action.

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Transcript - More Cheese Less Whiskers 062