Ep064: Burke Jones

Today, we're talking with Burke Jones. Burke has a brand new company helping people have greener lawns and get rid of all their weeds in some of the nice neighborhoods of Kansas. He started with some door hangers that offered a discounted price and he’s had some success already, starting to build a base of customers.

We spent this whole conversation talking about taking advantage of the structure of a business with recurring revenue. The value he has is a business that every six weeks he's going to come out, do a treatment, and that will happen year after year after year.

It's very back end, very after unit loaded. He's building his business up to where he'll have people in the after unit that are just recurring year after year after year, but, you have to start with the before unit, you have to start with where you are.

We talked about the possibility of offering a free treatment at the end of the season as opposed to at the beginning of next season, when everybody else will be lined up, competing, trying to get new clients.

Burke's very excited about the possibility and understood the logic, because we talked all the way through the investment model and the ROI on the greatest asset he has, access to his treatments at cost.

For any recurring business where there is long term value in each client, being able to use this asset and treat the work you do to get clients as an investment rather than a cost is great way to look at the return.

We had a great conversation, I've had a lot of experience in this kind of a business and you’ll get a lot out of this episode.

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