Ep077: Randy Redinger

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If you've ever thought you’d like to take the lessons and experience you've learned in growing your successful business and helping other people grow theirs, then you're going to enjoy this episode.

We're talking today with Randy Redinger from South Dakota, and Randy has a desire to help plumbing contractors build a successful business by helping them avoid the pitfalls that he knows how to help them avoid by setting up the operational systems as well as the marketing systems that we’re talking about today.

This all fits into a category that’s one of my favorite things… syndication.

Essentially what you're doing is taking a proven model, when you've figured something out for a business and then shortcutting the process for them. It’s almost like a franchise prototype, by creating an operating manual for them to follow, a roadmap to get a result.

Randy's at the very, very early stages of setting this up, so we had a conversation about how to think about it, the baby steps to set this up. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation if this is something you've ever thought about.

And why wouldn't it be something you think about? If you've got a successful business and there are other people in the same business as you, it's a great idea. Nobody is ever going to appoint you to the position of leader in your field, but guess what? Nobody's going to stop you from taking that position either!

Come into this one with a sense of possibility, and I think you might enjoy what we're going to talk about.

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