Ep082: Jesse Ibanez

On today’s show, we're talking with Jesse Ibanez. I've known Jesse for, probably 20 years now. He owns a real estate and mortgage company in San Diego called the Greenhouse Group, and they really get behind this whole idea of the green lifestyle, and sustainability, and you know, they're in the right area for that.

A lot of people, especially in Southern California, and around the country, resonate with that message, and he's opening up a brand new office to server these people in an area he'd like to do more business.

We had a great conversation about how to integrate or marry the resonating purpose they have with their business and the economics of it. How do you make sure this is something that's going to fit with the sustainability of your business rather than be something that's just going to entertain you?

We worked through some really great questions to ask yourself and hatched some really viable evil schemes to attract more business that stay true to their real passion.

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