Ep091: Paul Bowman

Today on the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast, we're talking with Paul Bowman, who lives not far from me, right here in Winter Haven. We actually kind of serendipitously met at our local Starbucks and struck up a conversation.

He runs some fitness boot camp’s here in Winter Haven. We talked about what he was doing to fill his boot camps and he laughed when I asked if he was on the ‘transformation crack’.

I wanted to help him break the habit, so we jumped on today’s call.

He's been working on some alternatives over the last few months and we got a chance today to talk about the most compelling, easiest way for him to fill out his roster. He's got space for 150 recurring members in his facility and he's at 83 right now. We talked about the fastest possible way, with the least friction to fill up those remaining 70 spots.

You're going to like the conversation and what it led to.


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Transcript - More Cheese Less Whiskers 091