Ep104: Trevor Shirk

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, we're talking with Trevor Shirk from Denver.

Now Trevor has a unique situation. He's a former military IED hunter, clearing the way for everybody going out on the frontline, actually identifying a disarming IED's. That's a very special thing, but now back safely in the United States and working on a building his own scale ready algorithm.

He has a unique market position in tattoo removal and a really great system for helping tattoo removal practitioner in finding and growing their practice.

We talked about this idea of creating a scale ready Algorithm, and how we could take this budding hyperlocal business, and create a division that finds all of the tattoo removal practitioners from all over the country and scales and expands to serve that entire market. 

Now, this is one of my favorite things. I like to call it syndication, where you take a local idea, something that you can crack the code once, and then build the scale ready algorithm to scale it out all over the country. Licensing the same system to many, many, many different people.

It's a wonderful model

So, if you have something you have, that could be a scale ready algorithm like, then I think you're really going to enjoy this episode.


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