Ep107: Jerry Sievers

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Jerry Sievers and there are a couple of really great lessons in today's episode.

Here's a successful business, built over several years, that is self-managing and allows Jerry to be removed from any actual operating part of the business. He calls it a wedge. A little opening service that every business needs, every business wants to have done, and he's been able to build a very successful business around delivering that. This is a business that is built on the recurring relationship with clients that have built up a trust over time with Jerry.

Now, the opportunity he has is to syndicate this business. To take the business that he's already learned, that he's already developed a system for, and duplicate it in other areas of the country with people who want to have a business with recurring revenue, that's predictable and can get to a point where it can support them without having to actually work day to day in the business.

That sounds like a pretty good deal and I think you're really gonna enjoy this episode.

An after unit business is one of my favorite topics to talk about, with a recurring revenue and a model that can take you out of the equation, so it works without you having to work in it.


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