Ep158: Joe Stumpf

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, we have a special treat, one of my oldest friends, and maybe the most influential man in my life... Joe Stumpf.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about Joe in the past. We spent many years together delivering our Main Event to realtors all over the country, and any time we get to chat great things happen!

This call is no different. We cover it all... So, no need to say anymore except, go listen now ;)

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Ep157: Richard Miller

As you know, every week we spend an hour hatching evil schemes with a business owner from somewhere in the world with an interesting business. It's usually someone I don't know, but today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're going to spend an hour hatching said evil schemes with someone I know very well! Richard Miller, the founder of Titan Event Technologies.

I've spent a lot of time with Richard. When we first met, he was taking over the role of running all the audio visual requirements for the big real estate seminars I did with Joe Stump and Eben Pagan.

He has a long, long history of putting on high stakes events for entrepreneurial businesses. We would do 600-800 person events every month for many, many years, and Richard was responsible for making them go off flawlessly.

He's done events for people like Dean Graziosi, Jeff Walker, Eben Pagan and many of the names you would recognize. He's a bonafide audio visual expert, and this is a really great conversation, hatching some evil schemes around the future of the audio visual business.

You're really going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep156: Steve Nelson

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Steve Nelson from New South Wales, Australia.

Steve's a building contractor who works with remodels, new construction, and all kinds of building projects, and one of the things we talked about, which turned out to be one of the big opportunities for him, is his After Unit. 

It turns out that a lot of his business is by referral. He's been in business for over 30 years and he knows a lot of the people in his town and his reputation is great. He does a good job, so of course he's going to get referral business and luckily most of it just happens without him really doing anything to orchestrate it. 

We looked at that as a big opportunity and had a great conversation about a strategy for him to orchestrate referrals. A low cost way that will have a big ROI for him. Then we talked about targeting specific people on the high end of what he likes to do, full house remodels. 

We talked about a really great strategy to attract just those people and I think you're really going to enjoy this conversation.

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Ep155: 50-Minute Focus Finder

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're going to talk about one of the most important elements of your business… The feeling of abundant time, and we want more than just the feeling of abundant time, we want the actuality of abundant time!

The number one way you're going to achieve what you want to achieve is by wrangling your time.

People often tell me, the thing that stands in their way is that they just don't have time. They're too busy, so I want to help you get control of your time and use it in a proactive way, and the way to start is to eliminate all the reactive activators that are stopping you from implementing the things you want to implement.

I've got a really great strategy for you that I call it the 50 Minute Focus Finder, and what you're going to listen to right now, is a complete training, elegantly 50 minutes long, that’s going to give you a tool you can use for a lifetime to get anything you want to get done, done.

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Ep154: Shaqir Hussyin

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, we have a real treat. We're going to be talking with Shaqir Hussyin from London, and Shaqir has a really great business helping people build online businesses.

I first met him at a Breakthrough Blueprint event I did in London, maybe four years ago now, and we had a really great conversation about who he wants to be a hero to.

This is a conversation I've been having with Dan Sullivan recently, and the subject of his new book also called Who Do You Want To Be a Hero To?

It's one of the most profound books I've ever read, and we're going to have a lot of discussions about it on future episodes here.

In the meantime, Shaqir's situation is a really good jumping-off point to talk about it.

I think you're going to enjoy this episode.

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Ep153: Adam Curran

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, we're talking with Adam Curran, a financial advisor who owns a nice financial advisory firm in Charleston, South Carolina.

They have a really unique way of generating business using a radio show. He's syndicated on a lot of different radio stations, and we ran through all of the numbers about how the economics of something like that work.

We dissected the roles each part of this strategy is playing; using books as a lead generator, and the purpose of a podcast or a radio show as a distribution channel and lead conversion tool. We had a really great conversation, and there's a lot of potential in this idea, and a lot of opportunity for Adam to really capitalize on the tremendous and profitable foundation he's built.

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Ep152: Mark Schreiber

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast, I've just arrived in London, I'm at the Shangri La hotel at The Shard, the view is spectacular by the way, and we're talking with Mark Schreiber.

Mark has a company that provides market data about higher education institutions, so people looking for this information, people who are creating things like higher education software and need program and contact details for the leaders of these institutions, can find the right schools, and people to talk to.

We had a great conversation about the transition from being a legacy directory where, years ago, it was a big, physical directory, a kind of Who's Who, to what it needs to be today as times change.

When you think about it in terms of the 8-Profit Activators, what they're really doing is providing the 'Target Market' research for people. They have the market data about the institutions that can help people select their target market, and pick the right people to be in front of.

There is so much opportunity here, and you're going to enjoy how we think about this one.

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Ep151: Louis Sauer

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Louis Sauer about his really neat golf practice facility.

Now what I want you to notice about this conversation is what I'm always looking for when we're doing episodes... and that's what is the underlying business model?

When you look at today's show, what Louis has is a situation similar to a hotel business. If you think about it, he has available spots in the practice bays at his facility, and if they're not taken, they perish. Just like a hotel room, or a seat on an airplane, or a table in a restaurant… any of those things where you've got an opportunity to have full capacity.

In all these cases, you start to think about how high is high. If I was full all the time, what are we faced with here? What is the potential?

The challenges and opportunities become, how do we maximize this? How do we get as many people as possible to experience it at least once, so we can keep the people who really like what they experienced?

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Ep150: Michelle Garcia

Today we have a very special simulcast episode of the Listing Agent Lifestyle, and More Cheese Less Whiskers podcasts.

Now, if you've been listening for any time, you know my two favorite things in life are marketing and real estate, and I love it when those paths cross.

Today is one of those days because we've got a special guest, Michelle Garcia, from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Michelle is a realtor looking to build systems around cracking into the luxury market in Coeur d'Alene.

She's had some success. She listened to the I Love Marketing podcast and learn some strategies that she started applying in her business. She put together a relocation guide and started finding all these buyers who are looking for homes in Coeur d'Alene.

She realized the reason she's getting all these buyers was because that's who she was attracting with her guide, so start thinking about how to apply marketing to get what she really wants… listings… and maybe she could do the same thing.

So that's where we started our conversation, and I think you're really going to enjoy where this leads.

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Ep149: Brian Diez

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Brian Diaz from Long Island, and Brian is a mortgage broker with a great target audience of working with first-time buyers, who are Spanish speaking, and who live in Long Island or the areas right around there.

Brian's building relationships with real estate agents he can collaborate with to help these clients get homes using grant programs, and it's a really great, well thought out system, and you're not going to believe some of the numbers, the lead costs he's getting because it's such an on-target campaign.

This is what happens when you are really specific and compelling in your messaging with your audience, and we talked about the longevity of this approach and the real value of being in it for the long term.

We had a great conversation, and you're really going to enjoy it.

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