Hi, this is Dean Jackson and welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast. I'm excited this has become a reality.

The story behind starting this podcast goes back to the 'Yellow Pages Roulette' episode of the I Love Marketing podcast I do with my good friend Joe Polish. Every year when the Yellow pages arrives at my office, Joe and I get on the phone with Joe, we randomly pick pages out of the Yellow Pages and start brainstorming, applying the 8-Profit Activators to the business on that page. These shows quickly become among the most popular and I started thinking wouldn't it be cool if instead of brainstorming ideas for this random business we were actually brainstorming and hatching 'Evil Schemes' for your business.

From there, I was able to create this show, helping you create breakthroughs in your business.



Want to be a guest on the show?  Simply follow the 'Be a Guest' link above and shoot me your details.

Want to apply the 8-Profit Activators to your business?  Download a free copy of the Breakthrough DNA book, all about the 8 Profit Activators we talk about here on More Cheese, Less Whiskers, from breakthroughdna.com...



I'm looking forward to discovering breakthroughs with you!