Ep025: Idan Waller

Today, we’re going to be talking with Idan Waller the top direct response copywriter in Israel. We had a great conversation. There is quite a budding community of internet marketers coming out of Israel right now and Idan's goal is to be the number one provider of online training for people who want to get into internet marketing and online businesses. He's made a great strides towards that. He has a nice course he created that’s helped people get incredible results and lead to a successful launch. But the question that he had was how can he take that success from a launch and go away from the stress of doing a launch model and into something that’s more of an evergreen model?

We talked about how to get the same benefit of the scarcity of a launch model but do it in a way that he can recreate every single month.

I think you'll find we had a really rich and deep conversation about the philosophy and the way to approach his goal of becoming the leading place for online education around internet marketing in Israel.

I really enjoyed this conversation. I hope you do too.




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