Ep033: Tom Halliburton

Hello and welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast. My name is Dean Jackson, and today we revisit an old friend from our BreakthroughDNA program, Tom Halliburton.

Tom's in Edinburgh, Scotland, and he works with restaurant owners to help them increase their business. We had a great discussion about birthday programs and the psychology you have to get restaurant owners to buy into as you move them away from the typical marketing approaches to the far more effective thought of being compelling rather than convincing. Essentially the whole idea of More Cheese, Less Whiskers.

I've had a lot of experience experimenting with different offers around birthdays in restaurants, so I shared many of these stories and the psychology behind them with Tom and we had a really great game plan that came together throughout the call.

So enjoy this episode and if you know any restaurant owners, encourage them to listen to this episode so they can experience some of the great results too.



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