Ep098: Brian Kiernan

Today on the MoreCheeseLessWhiskers.com podcast we're talking with Brian Kiernan from Connecticut, and Brian is an idea man. He's a real student of direct response, marketing, and has a real passion for it. 

He's also a custom remodeler. That's his day job, the thing that pays the bills, so he uses that as the vehicle to explore and build his marketing knowledge. He applies it to his own business first, and is aspiring to help other remodelers, either by doing lead generation, or their marketing for them. 

We identified where Brian gets off track, and what keeps him from getting to that point, and had a really great, philosophical, strategic and tactical conversation about how to make that dream a reality.

I think there are a lot of people who, once they fall in love with marketing, realize it can be applied to their own business. But they also realize the magic it can do in other people's businesses, and they fall in love with making a business of doing marketing for other people.

On the surface it seems like a great way to do the thing you love without having to do the things you don't love, which is actually run the business. But you'll hear in the conversation how to really think about it, and what progressive plan you could put in place to do the thing you really love, and still sustain yourself through the transition.

If you’ve ever considered taking your knowledge and helping others, you're really going to enjoy this episode.



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Transcript - More Cheese Less Whiskers 098