Ep108: Jordan Todorovski

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Jordan Todorovski, a web and App developer in Amsterdam via Bulgaria.

We had a really great conversation. His firm helps people as a provider of development services for websites and Apps, and a lot of the work they do is white label sort of work, so our conversation started out about the difference between being a provider of service and a deliverer of results. It's an important distinction because when you can get yourself aligned with what the actual result is you're providing for someone, it creates lots of opportunities for collaboration.

Toward the end of the podcast we come around to that point and the realization of the big theme here... You have a choice to be a provider of services or a vendor of services or to be a collaborator in delivering a result for somebody. 

If you have a unique capability, organizationally, or you have a unique perspective on how to actually accomplish something and you can collaborate with someone who wants to get that result, that creates a really great opportunity for both of you.

As you're listening, I want you to think about the services or the products or the capabilities you have, and see whether you're primarily offering them as a vendor of a service or a commodity (with many people offering similar 'things') and start thinking about how whatever it is you do, could be approached with a collaborative mindset, focused on the result.

You're going to see that theme playing out here, and I think we'll have more of that coming up in future episodes. It's really where my mind is going a lot lately.

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