Ep128: Stephanie Taylor

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Stephanie Taylor from Arizona where she owns Twisted Yoga. She's a friend of Joe Polish who makes a special guest appearance, and we had a really interesting conversation, looking for opportunities to apply the 8 Profit Activators.

Stephanie was very open and willing to share everything that's going on. She's been in business for almost a year and has done a great job of building her business on the strength of some facebook advertising just after she opened, and again at the end of the year here.

But as you'll hear, there's a major difference in what happened the first three months compared to the last three months, and that's where one of the biggest lessons is.

She's built an asset in her list of potential clients that will have an ongoing yield year after year after year, and the great thing about something like a yoga studio is the whole point of the business is to build up a recurring clientele that returns month after month.

We talked a lot about some strategies to achieve this and it was great to have Joe on the call to share his perspective.

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Transcript - More Cheese Less Whiskers 128