Ep159: Justiss Boyer

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Justiss Boyer from North Carolina

She's right in the middle of the research triangle area, an emerging area where she's opened up a new hairstyling salon doing cuts and colors for professional women.

This was a really great conversation about understanding who your clients are, what they really want, and knowing that who it is you're trying to attract. Then we talked about a strategy for attracting and keeping those people. 

She does a really great job of keeping people once they come in, with around an 85% conversion rate into ongoing clients. When we did the math we found out they're worth a lot of money over the lifetime of a client, and we talked about a very useful strategy I've used in a lot of different situations to kickstart and bring in new clients in her before unit.

You're going to really enjoy this episode.

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Transcript - More Cheese Less Whiskers 159