This is Dean Jackson. Welcome to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers November update. It's been 16 episodes now since we started our little experiment. I can't tell you how happy I am about the way things are going. It's been so fulfilling to get to spend time really diving deep into applying the profit activators to one business at a time. It was built out of my love on I Love Marketing, the Yellow Pages roulette episodes. Those were always the most popular episodes where people would get to hear how we think about applying the 8 profit activators to a business. I'd always thought what would make this really great is if we'd spend time on a real business with getting real feedback. I was able to make that come true just a little over 90 days ago. 16 episodes later, it's some of the most fulfilling podcasting that I've ever done.

We've really gotten to hatch some evil schemes. I look forward to continuing this. At first I thought I might do it as a little series while Joe and I have been traveling and doing other things for the I Love Marketing podcast. This has been so great. I'm going to continue doing it. I'd love to have you as a guest on the show someday. You can go to and click on the link that says Be A Guest. We constantly have lots of people who want to come and hatch evil schemes. I'm looking forward to getting to everybody. I got a couple of cool opportunities to work together with you over the next couple of months. First one is I'm doing an email mastery case study program, which is starting this week. That's why I'm sending out this message to you right now.

You may remember a few years ago, I was running some full page ads in Success Magazine offering a book, an E-book called Email Mastery. That has been really cool project that I've been working on for the last couple of years now. I've worked with a couple of case study groups where we go deep in applying all of the email marketing principles and all the email marketing foundational formats that have developed over lots of years. We focus on the non-word email of course, which is the easiest magic trick that I have for most businesses where if you have prospects who've been inquired maybe 90 days or more ago and you've got a whole list of this unconverted leads. Just sending somebody a simple email and saying, "Are you still looking for a house in Georgetown? Are you still planning a trip to Israel?"

Whatever it is that your business does, just sending those simple 9 words has been and created so many magic tricks that's been fun to watch as it's grown its own. It's just making its way everywhere. I get emails every single week and Facebook messages from people telling me how amazing the results are that they got from sending a 9-word email. If you haven't heard us talk about that, you can go to and you can download a copy of the email mastery book. It's something that has been amazing. We focus on in the case study group really limited to just a handful of people because I want to do some ... I've been working with people documenting what happens when we craft using the formats that I've developed.

Some specific messages for their business so we focused on first the asset that you already have, which is your unconverted leads. All of your prospects, the people that you at one point came into contact with. Maybe they haven't started a relationship with you yet. We go and talk about how to convert those leads. The 9-word email is just the beginning of the process because that's the easiest thing you can do. Send that out, you're going to get some replies. We focused on the conversational conversion process. Once somebody is reactivated or once they raise their hand, how do we engage with them using a conversational conversion method?

That's really where I've been documenting case study after case study of how to use these kinds of email dialogs to convert more of the leads that you already have and to offer new things to the leads and the prospects that you have. All of your profit activator 3 asset where you're educating and motivating people, you're providing great content for them. If you're doing a weekly newsletter or a monthly newsletter or a podcast, if you're doing all those things to build relationship with people, then what our framework does is show you now how to make offers to that group that will encourage them, motivate them to want to take part of the new program with you. We had lots of examples of people who have started their highest end mastermind groups, high end small group events doing consulting, coaching or using it to engage with people.

It's been exciting to watch. We've had so many different kinds of industries here. That's why I'm excited about working with a new case study group and hopefully, to be able to work with you. When we focus on the leads that you have right now, we go down that path to exhaust the possible outcomes that you have there, to focus really on re-engaging with the leads that you already have and making offers to the leads that you already have. Then we focus on how do we engage with more of the new leads that are coming in?

We start with everything you've already got including reactivating the ones that maybe you haven't heard from in a while or the ones that you haven't been in communication with then moving on to the ones that you are in communication with and turning those into conversations where people can raise their hand and take advantage of new offers that you have and new products. I'll show you a simple, easy way how to create new products with a new program that you start by engaging with the people that you already know. Then moving on to new leads once people opt in right away, that first little bit of time when they're being opened up to a new opportunity here is the real opportunity that you have to engage in a dialog way. It's very personal.

It's very amazing to people the first time they start to do this because using the principles of the 9-word email but using it in a way for brand new people so that you can engage with them in a dialog and find the 5-star prospects. You'll hear I defined 5-star prospects as people who are willing to engage in a dialog, who are friendly and cooperative, who know what they want, who know when they want it and would like us to help them. We talk about how to craft messages that will engage with those people, identify who the 5-star prospects are and then it really culminates an offer to collaborate with them. That's our process. We call it compel, convince, collaborate. That's the before unit of what we'll be doing in the email mastery case study program.

Now when you've connected with the leads that have been abandoned or neglected, when you've re-engaged with all the leads that you're currently in dialog with, when we focused on the brand new leads that are coming in right now through whatever channels you have, then we'll focus on how do we get more people to come through that process? How do we attract more email addresses? We'll use some really cool strategies for attracting more people, getting people in profit activator 2 to raise their hand so that you can start these dialogs with them. Then we'll talk about using email in your during unit and using email in your after unit to orchestrate referrals. I'm working with just a handful of people.

We'll probably have 24 people that we'll work with over the next couple of months here before the end of the year to document some case studies of people who are applying these principles, these strategies to each of those situations that I described to you. Maybe one of those resonates with you. You may have a list of people that you would love to start something new. You've got a list that you've been continually emailing to and you're looking for ways to now connect with the people who are the most interested in having a relationship with you. I'll show you how to do that in a way where you can really add the most value possible to their lives. Because that's really what it's about is helping people get what they want that you know how to help them get. That's really what the collaboration method is all about.

If you'd love to hear more about that or maybe participate with us in the case study group, send me an email to and put case study in the subject line. I'll get you all the details about the program. Today is November 1st. We're starting, I'm going to have a welcome call on Thursday, which is the 3rd. We'll actually kick off on whatever the next Monday is. The 7th, we'll kick off. If you're listening to this after the 7th, we've already started but there'll be another opportunity for us to work together coming up in December. I do this wonderful small group events called the Breakthrough Blueprint. What we do is I get to spend 3 days with a small group of people, 10 people. We go deep in applying the 8 profit activators to your business.

It's a lot like listening to a More Cheese, Less Whiskers episode except we get 3 days to apply all of the 8 profit activators specifically to your business and come away with a blueprint for executing your best plan to create breakthroughs, the biggest breakthroughs in your business. A lot of people, it's really an interesting environment because it's not a traditional event where you strap in and here's the workbook. Here's the Power Point slides. I go through a whole routine of things that I've done before. This is completely interactive. We really get to spend one on one time and use your business as the illustration. Going over the 3 days, there's no laptops. There's no internet, no computers. I will say to people, "There's no breakthroughs in your laptop." We don't call this the incremental improvement blueprint.

This is the breakthrough blueprint. All the breakthroughs are strategic. They're thinking about how to really present your business in the best way to connect with the best prospects to help them get the best results. I would love it if you can join me. We're starting that next group is in December, early December here in Orlando. I think I have 6 or 7 people already committed to that event. I've got 3 or 4 spots available for that. If you think that would be a great way for us to work together, be happy to send you the details about that. Send me an email to and put Breakthrough Blueprint in the subject line and I'll send you all the details about that. That's the update for November.

Those are the things we have going on. I'd love if you really become a student of the 8 profit activators, this whole breakthrough DNA process, there's so much richness in applying and orchestrated approach to an operating system like the 8 profit activators that will be something that your business can constantly evolve, constantly grow into. If you haven't seen it yet, there's a video and a download of the breakthrough DNA book that you can get at There's a scorecard where you can assess where your business stands. You get to see where the biggest opportunities are for you among all of the 8 profit activators. It acts as a guide post for you.

It will give you an idea of where you stand, where you are, where the big opportunities are and as I'm choosing guests for the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast, I'm constantly keeping in mind to have a variety of people who have a variety of different opportunities to hear how we think about each of the 8 profit activators., you can download the book and start the process of really digging deep into this operating system. I will say it. I've been working on this now for 25 years. The first 10 years were unconscious. The last 15 years have been consciously since I've named them and really worked on applying all of the best strategies that I know for each of the 8 profit activators. I back test everything to 25 years ago when I first had this idea. They are so universally true.

That's why I call it the breakthrough DNA process because I think of each of the 8 profit activators as a little DNA cell that's universally present but manifests differently in every business. There's so many ways to apply the 8 profit activators but they're definitely there. They're definitely at work in your business right now. Understanding them, being aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie in your current model using the 8 profit activators really help shine the light, help you pick the best path going forward. It will help your listening to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers episodes as you hear us explore those 8 profit activators. Thank you for participating, for being part of this, for listening to the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast.

Look forward to doing many more of these and we're just getting started. Have a great November. I will talk to you again on a More Cheese, Less Whiskers episode coming soon to an iTunes near you.