Ep029: Aaron Hinde

Hello and welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast. My name is Dean Jackson, and today I'm talking to Aaron Hinde. He has built a pretty amazing company.

I often talk about the idea of profit activator one, selecting a single target market, and one of the examples I talk about in the BreakthroughDNA book is a company that does bottle photography at a website called weshootbottles.com. They also have a sister website where they shoot cans, called weshootcans.com. I always thought it’s an interesting way to segment your market and Aaron and his company have done exactly that. They’ve taken the beverage category and created specialize beverages.

They started with a drink called GolfAid and now have FitAid, PartyAid. In fact whatever your beverage need for ‘aid’ is, they've got a specific drink for you and have built a really big organization doing it.

I remember when Arron was just getting started and had all these opportunities. After talking with some of us at a 25K meeting, his first job was to focus on one of the beverages, to go all the way and build the foundation of one strong product line. From that, they've been able to expand across multiple single target markets.  Remember, it’s ‘Select ONE target market (at a time)’. 

We had a great conversation, a great time to catch up and hatch new evil schemes for them. There is nothing but big things happening in their beverage world.

I’ve you’ve ever been concerned about narrowing your focus, I think you'll really enjoy this episode.





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