Ep030: Michelle Ciavola

Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast.

Today, we have a really great episode for you. I talked with Michelle Ciavola who has, what for a lot of people might be a dream job. She is the Marketing Director for a thriving and growing dental practice just outside of Atlanta.

She has some great things going on and we talked about a broad range of ‘evil schemes’ on this episode. We got to look at overlaying the 8-Profit Activators, the before, during and after unit, with the metrics she tracks driving each of those units. There's so much opportunity when you have something already in motion, something that's working. When you add a nice after unit to draw from, the opportunities multiply even further.

It all starts with knowledge.

When you overlay metrics on top of what you're already doing, the opportunities to accelerate your business, no matter what your business is, are universally present in the 8-Profit Activators. They're there whether you're acknowledging, or measuring, or tracking already and overlaying them on what happened in the last 12 months can direct you in the future.

I think you're really going to enjoy this episode.  There is something for everyone as we cover it all, before unit strategies, during unit strategies, and after unit strategies.




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