Ep055: Shawn Yergler

Today we are talking with Shawn Yergler. Based in Indiana, Shawn does something that helps home owners who have concrete driveways, pathways, walkways, decks, extend the life of their concrete make it look better and protect it from the elements. Essentially, a cleaning and sealing situation with the concrete.
Shawn's had some success with every door direct mail - EDDM, (you can see a copy of the postcard he's using below), and we started by talking about how the awareness of this, the desire for this, a service that is not really a necessity, there's not a lot of utility value.

It’s not a transformational service and people don't have to do it so we talked a lot about the right audience, and how to communicate in a way that lets the right people know it’s available.

Right now he has a postcard using a $50 off offer. We talked about a different way to frame the offer that would encourage people who are not ready to get their driveway re-sealed right now, but would like to do this a little later to identify themselves so we get that chance to communicate with those people too. We then talked about how to take it online.

It was a really great conversation. You're going to enjoy it and if you're doing something similar, I think you'll especially get a lot out of the conversation about desire, and where we fall on that matrix.



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