Ep056: Wendy Gardner

Today I’m talking with Wendy Gardner, a skincare specialist in the UK. She has a line of skincare products that she lovingly creates by hand, with all the finest natural ingredients. She offers a really individualized approach to skincare.

We had a conversation talking about how to differentiate the skincare line itself, but in the second half of the conversation we dialed it in and talked more along the line of creating an experience for customers. Completely repositioning the way she looks at the relationship with them.

As you know, when you listening to these shows, I don't have any foreknowledge of what kind of business people have or a specific plan of where I want the call to go, but I think by exploring who your target audience is and who are your ideal clients and the result you could create for someone, it reveals the biggest opportunities.

We settled on the idea of creating a 90-day experience for people where they get to go full immersion and bundled her products with an educational process. That does a lot of different things. It shifts the attention away from the commoditized pricing of your products, and it focuses 100% on the result at the end of the 90 days, of which, the products are sort of incidental to that or just one part of the journey of it.

It has a lot of potential for anyone who can create journey that focuses on the outcome and I can't wait to see how Wendy takes this to the next level.


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