Ep137: Jonathon Schultheiss

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Jonathon Schultheiss from North Carolina, and Jonathon is a financial advisor with a very interesting specialty. They specialize in managing 401k plans for large companies. 

We had a really great conversation about the Before Unit for them and I have 100% confidence that if they get people lined up ready to get some help, in the During and After Unit they are 100% ready to help them because they have a great retention rate.

So we focused our attention on the Before Unit, and how to identify the exact target audience. Jonathon has narrowed it down to 500 people and we talked about how to get involved in a conversation with them that can lead to the opportunity for him to bring them on board.

Jonathon's a marketing lover and he's got some great ideas that you're going to enjoy. I'll keep you updated with reports from the field as he's implementing all these things.

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