Ep138: Jody McNamer

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Jody McNamer from Seattle, Washington, and Jody has a really great mission that they're focused on.

He shared the story of his son Tyler, who's autistic and has gone from being an autistic child to now, someone who's 24 years old, has written a book, and speaks to thousands of people about autism, and who's acting in support and helping parents of autistic children.

It's a really great mission they have, and we had a great conversation about the context of thinking about what they're able to do for people from a During Unit perspective to identify the outcomes they could help create for people. Then they can build their business around being able to facilitate those things.

You're really going to enjoy this conversation. It's a little different than the usual type of business we have, but you'll see immediately how the 8 Profit Activators apply to every situation.

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