Ep141: Chris Rogers

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Chris Rogers from Victoria, Canada, a fellow Canadian, and we're talking about something pretty neat.

He has skills in design and building, he's been a very successful home builder and remodeler, and the idea he has now is helping people create curb appeal for their homes.

This could be doing some simple things, things that are just cosmetically pleasing like cleaning up, adding some visual appeal to the house, all the way up to some construction type of things like adding an element to the house, a porch or a portico or dormers, something that's going to increase the curb appeal.

His theory or idea is that this would be appealing to real estate agents or people who are selling their homes, to help give them an edge and help their house stand out.

We brainstormed through that process and how he may be able to reach out to some of these realtors, and we walked through a great email sequence to send.

You're going to enjoy the thought process here of how to really determine what the value equation is in it.

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Transcript - More Cheese Less Whiskers 141