Ep142: Paul Adams

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Paul Adams from Brisbane Australia, and today is one of those time when you know that you've hit on something that's a great idea.

Paul is a theater producer and an actor, and he had an idea for a theatrical show that he wanted to produce for primary school age kids and their families, and do it at a time when school is out on vacation.

The original discussion was about how can he can get the word out about the show but in that discussion we started thinking about how high is high, or what other models could we draw from here?

We started talking about Simon Cowell, Tyler Perry, and other models. I then shared with him an example of something that I know real estate agents do here in America and Canada, that could solve the entire issue for him. We really, as we thought it all out, realized this is THE idea.

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