Ep144: Chris Hill

Today on the More Cheese, Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Chris Hill all the way from New Zealand.

Now, I first met Chris at a Breakthrough Blueprint event in London. He came to the very first event I did there, and he runs a company called Hands up Holidays. It’s a really interesting company because they combine luxury travel with voluntourism.

Chris has a really a great backstory to how all of this happened. His company has gone through different iterations and different ways it's evolved over time, and what we were talking about today is how do we, when you've got a global market as an opportunity and you've got a very defined type of person who you're trying to attract, how do you narrow that down to the best people to approach.

I always love when we spent a lot of time in our Profit Activator one, trying to zone in on the ideal target audience and how to get people to raise their hands.

You're really going to enjoy how we dial it in over this episode.

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