Ep143: Victor Vento Jr

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Victor Vento Jr, and Victor has an agency that helps people with subscription services.

We had a really great conversation that flew by! I've got a lot of experience in this particular endeavor and recurring revenue is one of my favorite models.

During the call we dove deep into the specific things Victor is doing with one of his clients, but the examples we talk about don't really matter because the model of getting someone to try something for the first time, and then offering a way for them to stay and deliver a service to them month after month after month, it's the same underlying mechanics and psychology.

The motivations are the same whether it's a subscription to a software services or a newsletter, or information or coaching or anything.

Everything that we talked about is transferrable to all of these models, and so much of it is about getting the metrics right.

You're going to enjoy this episode, especially if you are working with or hoping to work with something that has a recurring element to it.

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